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With The Lowest Prices on EMT Gear, There's Nothing to Fear

A recent news story has disclosed that the universal key that opens all of New York City’s subway entrances also allows access to many of the stations that hold EMS gear and EMT supplies. Officials are worried that these keys may give people the chance to steal drugs and EMT supplies, but a FDNY spokesman quelled the worry by noting that EMS stations are hardly ever unmanned. He also said that the narcotics that some key copiers might desire are behind further closed doors that the key does not work for. In any event, these keys are out there, and waiting to be used, whether on EMT stations or for access to the Subway.

EMS gear isn’t cheap, but Dixie Supply Co. offers some of the lowest prices around on emergency medical supplies. Even if one of these universal keys does find access into your EMS gear cupboard (which doesn’t seem very likely) you can rest assured that with Dixie, you’ll be okay. From first aid kits to immobilization and extrication gear, the in-house manufacturing of these products is what allows them to be priced so low. So even if you need to restock your EMT supplies, come on down to Dixie, where you can get them for the best prices around. Read More!

Emergency Medical Supplies Are No Good Without Knowledge

For the average citizen, no matter how much money you spend on emergency medical supplies, they can be useless in the event of an accident or disaster unless you know how to properly use them. If you truly want to be prepared, you need the knowledge and skills, in addition to the emt supplies. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have access to the detailed training of EMT professionals, so they must do their own research or get training.

First aid training is always a good idea. Anyone who has faced a disaster knows that you need to act quickly—every second counts. You can’t act quickly unless you know what you’re doing. And if you don’t know what you’re doing you could panic, which doesn’t help anyone. So if you’re interested in being prepared in the event of a disaster, you should enroll in a first aid training course and do independent research through training books available online and at bookstores.

There are also many video tutorials online that provide a great learning base for proper first aid techniques.

Here is a video about how to use a pillow as a splint. Very cool!

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EMS Gear News: Defibrillator Training Can Save Lives

Arguably, one of the most effective cardiac emergency medical supplies is a defibrillator. But this live-saving device can be incredibly dangerous if the user is improperly trained or not trained at all. Defibrillator training is a crucial way to ensure the effectiveness of the device and the safety of the patient. Although the defibrillator is most commonly used by trained medical professionals, they are available for the use of non-medical personnel also, which leaves room for accidents and incorrect use that can cost someone their life.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an EMS gear expert, to be able to operate a defibrillator correctly. You just need proper training, which many well-known and reputable organizations have made available. The American Heart Association offers advanced cardiac life support defibrillator training to more than 250,000 people annually.  In addition, the Red Cross also has defibrillator training available, and has trained more than 8.5 million annually.

These organizations are committed to proper training for individuals to handle cardiac incidents with confidence in their knowledge and training ability. Every second counts, so delay or hesitation can be detrimental to the patient. Read More!

Crucial EMS Gear: Medical Supply Bags

In the world of emergency medical care, it’s important that you have the right supplies. Quality supplies ensure that the person is your care is getting optimal treatment, from the best equipment available. In addition to having quality emergency medical supplies, you need a proper place to store them that keeps them safe and sterile. It needs to be a place that is easily accessible, so portability is a must. It is also beneficial to have your EMT supplies stored in a place that keeps them organized. 

Medical bags are the perfect place to store your EMS gear. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes of bags, so it’s best to find one that you will feel comfortable using and transporting. If you prefer your medical supply bag in more of a traditional back pack style, the StatPacks G1 Perfusion Pack could be what you need. It has two main compartments, three external pockets and can be worn as a back pack, a slide sling, or carried by hand. Another great choice would be the DixiGear First Responder Bag. This bag has a removable padded liner with adjustable Velcro dividers, so you can customize the fit of your equipment in up to 10 different compartments. Read More!

First Aid Kits Are Crucial Emergency Medical Supplies

Having the right emergency medical supplies in the event of an accident goes far beyond having band-aids and some ointment—you need some serious tools to ensure safety, and in the most extreme situations, survival.

Whether you are an EMT or not, it’s always beneficial to have a high-grade first aid kit, fully stocked with all the essentials. If you are in need of a first aid kit upgrade, or just looking for an extra kit to have on hand, Dixie EMS has everything you need. Dixie EMS knows a thing or two about first aid kits, we’ve been long time providers of emergency medical supplies and first aid kits to city and state organizations like Amtrak, Los Angeles County, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and Texas Transit Authority. The kits can even be custom made to match your safety requirements expertly.

If you’re looking for something a little more basic that you can have around the house or in the car, Dixie EMS has smaller kits that are well-equipped will the right tools you need to treat small wounds and prevent infection. Read More!

Endotracheal Tubes

The endotracheal tube, or ETT, is a crucial piece of any EMS gear. The insertion of the ETT is called intubation. While this process can be difficult at times, a laryngoscope can be used to aid intubation. The attendant’s fingers can also be used, which is called “digital intubation.” The desired region of the tub should be about 2 centimeters above the carina, or the bifurcation of the lungs. After this it is connected to an oxygen source or a self-inflating bag.

EMT supplies like the ETT are used most often during cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, or for general anesthesia, when non invasive breathing methods are not practical or efficient.

Sir Ivan Magill was the inventor of this EMS gear, the need for which came from soldiers in WWI with extreme facial injuries and the inability to deliver anesthesia with a mask. Today most tracheotomies are oral, however nasotracheal intubation is also common, especially during mouth surgeries. This protects the patient from their own blood, vomitus, or any other regurgitation. The ETT is one of the most important EMT supplies. Here’s a how to video:

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Tips and Vids For Emergency Medical Supplies

Here are Dixie EMS Supply, we're committed to giving you the safest and the best EMS gear around town. That's why this week, we've assembled some instructional videos to help you with some tips about emergency medical supplies.

And though you may think you already know, it's important to know how the pros do it:

For hospital administrators, EMS gear can offer a lot of choices. We have over 50,000 emergency medical supplies, all at wholesale prices. From airway maintenance to pharmaceuticals, and even for medical education, we have everything you need. Read More!